5 Things A Professional Wedding Photographer Can Do That Your Relatives Can’t

Making the decision to opt for a professional photographer can be a difficult one: particularly if you’re planning your wedding on a budget, Uncle Doug’s attempts may feel like a cost-effective option that will be “good enough” for your big day. The reality is that this is likely to be one of the most memorable days of your life, which means that documenting it in a way that brings you joy for years to come is a priority. Professional photographers are professionals for a reason! With years of training and tens of thousands of dollars of equipment at their disposal, they’ll know all the tricks for ensuring your wedding pictures are stunning. Take a look at five things you’ll get from your professional wedding photographer that you’re unlikely to get from Uncle Doug. And, if you’ve spent the money getting your hair styled by a professional hairdresser, wouldn’t you want that captured and commemorated by someone who really knows what they’re doing?

Getting the lighting right

As photography is all about the interplay of light and shade, it’s little surprise that professional photographers treat wedding photography in the same way as they would a studio shoot. Professionals will give consideration not only to the main lighting, but also to fill lights, kicker lights and even hair lights – your hair will look its best on your big day, and a light that emphasizes the highlights or textures in your crowning glory is going to transform your bridal portraits.

Use an assistant

The trouble with Uncle Doug is that it’s just going to be him, doing it all! A professional photographer will almost always work with an assistant. This not only allows them to carry more equipment, but it also enables a far greater variety of pictures to be taken with minimal inconvenience to the wedding party.

Work to a schedule

Each couple will have slightly different requirements when it comes to what they want photographing. Whilst some pictures are typical to almost every wedding (the happy couple, the rings, the cake, the reception etc.), others depend on personal taste. If you want your wedding morning trip to the hair salon or informal behind-the-scenes shots of the bridesmaids, a professional will make sure they’re included in the schedule of photos.

A studio flash system

An appropriate flash system can make a real difference to indoor pictures. A professional photographer will generally bring several studio flash heads with them. These will often be positioned before the wedding and reception commence, ensuring that there’s adequate illumination to capture those vital shots. It’s unlikely that Uncle Doug is going to have a studio-grade flash in his kit.

Reliable picture back-up

We’ve all heard the urban disaster legend of wedding photographs which are entirely lost because of inadequate back-up. Don’t let this happen to you! It’s more than a professional’s career is worth to lose pictures. Dependable back-up is a given when you use a wedding photographer.

You only get one shot at your big day, so it makes sense to have the best. This includes your hair: SJ Establishment can provide the stunning styling you need for a perfect wedding and some stunning photographs.

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