My Story

My name is Anna and I’m a Photographer and Graphic Designer based in Port Pirie, South Australia.

I have always loved photography from a young age. From running into Grandma’s garden (which is amazing!!) and taking photos of all her amazing roses and flowers to the fast paced action of my sister’s love of motocross.

Even though I loved photography I never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it, so I set my eye on Mechanical Engineering. Doing the necessary classes in my final year at school I still managed to squeeze in photography. In doing so I won the photography award that year, along with winning the design competition where my design was used for the school yearbook.

This got me thinking….

At the last minute I transferred into a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) instead of engineering.

From there everything changed.

I began the course and gained enough knowledge to know that my heart still cried for photography over design. The following year I transferred into a photography course at TAFE SA.

From here I really jumped at my dream. Landing a job in Real Estate Photography meant I was committed full-time to this new passion.

In such a small time I have learnt so much and have absolutely loved dealing with the customers and Real Estate Agents, so much so that I could be happy doing nothing else each and every day.

From my own passions and experiences in life I can guarantee the quality of the services I offer. I will never give you less than what I am capable of giving; and I will always go above and beyond to give you amazing photos and designs.

I enjoy every second behind my camera and I can only hope you will see that joy when I am creating everlasting memories and images for you.