Real Estate Photography

Every house is a home, and when selling that home you want to get the most out of it.

Why would you settle for below average photos taken probably on a mobile phone by an agent who really doesn’t have the time or experience to give you the quality you deserve. A Real Estate agent’s job is to sell your house, NOT to take photos.

My job however, IS to take creative and beautiful images of your well loved home. From the “Fixer-upper” to the “Ready to Move in Mansion”, I will showcase your home from the best points possible.

Selling a house isn’t cheap by any means, but for you to get the best price possible you have to spend a little to get a lot. This means getting the best agent, signboards, an online presence and of course professional images to capture the buyers attention.

Corporate Photography

If you have a product to sell, I have a service to sell. Customers are always looking for the best quality and price in their products. But with online shopping becoming more popular you have to be competitive in the market.

To do this you need top quality images of your products plus the appropriate marketing material. For a restaurant this may include photos of the food being served, staff serving, new menus or graphics for a website. Other corporations may need business portraits of their staff, and retail shops may need fashion images for advertising. No matter which market you are in, quality is of the upmost importance and cannot be brushed aside or done cheaply.


Event Photography

A wedding, milestone birthday, celebrations, all these events take months to plan and organise yet they are gone in a second. You’re too busy in the moment talking to people, cleaning up, organising more drinks and food to even remember who was there or what happened. These are memories that you don’t want to just let fade away. Photos are the only way to keep those precious memories fresh and untarnished. Yes you can have family members or friends take photos but they are often too distracted by the guests themselves to get the job done. By hiring an independent professional there are no distractions just quality long lasting images of the time of your life.


Portrait Photography

Life is but a fleeting moment. We all grow up far too quickly in this world. Family is such a precious thing. Now is the time to preserve the joys of your kids growing up, multiple generations getting together etc.

Portrait photography is also perfect for the aspiring models. I can create a full portfolio featuring various poses and themes ready to showcase your talent.